BBC Panorama – London Tower Fire – Britain’s Shame


Working with freelance Creative Director Morgan Sendall, Xrayvision produced a series of  graphics for a BBC One Panorama programme on the Grenfell Tower fire.

Shortly after midnight on June 14th 2017 a small kitchen fire rapidly spread through the 24 storey building in west London to claim – at time of writing – 79 lives. The block was all but destroyed and the residents lucky enough to survive found themselves temporarily homeless. And all this in an deprived corner of Kensington and Chelsea – the borough with the highest average income in the UK. Blame was immediately levelled at the building’s recently added external cladding, lack of a sprinkler system and outdated advice from the authorities that during a fire residents should stay in their flats – the building concrete construction should have prevented the spread of fire.

All in all, an awful story. Made more immediate because it’s almost impossible in London not to know someone who lives in a tower, because over the past decade we’ve witnessed these building being updated and reclad to make them easier on the eye, but deep down have known that this was a cheap alternative to demolishing concrete towers and building decent homes for people. And personal because this tower sat less than half a mile from where I worked at BBC Television Centre. I went past it thousands of times over twenty years and – like so many others –  never really noticed it.

So. It’s difficult not to get angry.

I was going to write a longer post about our involvement. But right now that seems too self-indulgent.

For now I’ll simply post some images from the project as it progressed.

Test_15_Night_WindowsGrenfell_Test_19_Night_Entrance Test_B_DaylightTest_19_night_entranceTest_15_Night_windowsGFX 4 Test with fire

Posted on 21st June 2017