With 25 years broadcast experience at the BBC, Rob brings a wealth of innovative design to Xrayvision.

We specialize in visual storytelling, corporate explainers, branding and fast turnaround documentary graphics.

We've just been nominated for PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards in Los Angeles. Last year we won GOLD at the same awards in New York and were shortlisted for Kantar's Information is Beautiful awards in London.

Visual Storytelling

2D or 3D? Or a combination of both? Want to incorporate footage of your presenter? Talk to us about the story you’re trying to tell and we’ll help you tell your audience in a visually engaging and innovative way.

Long Form Explainers

It might be how Glasgow prepared for the Commonwealth Games or how Ebola started to spread. Or it might be you need to explain how your product is superior, stronger and safer than another. Xrayvision can help you, whether you're a national broadcaster or a company marketing a new product.


Whether it's an animating logo for a trade show, a title sequence for a television programme or a full channel rebrand, Xrayvision has the experience to give you a quality look.

Fast Turnaround

Programme commissioned on Friday, TX on Monday? Give us a call. With twenty-five years experience working to the tightest deadlines at BBC News we’re used to making the impossible happen.

Strategy & Training

We have experience of rebranding the largest news broadcaster in the world. Twice. We’ve pushed new, more efficient technologies. We’ve developed strategies and training programmes for large design departments.

If you want to change how your staff work, how they think, if you want them to feel part of the change rather than excluded from it, talk to us.